Community Connections

In the Schools

In fall, 2022, we were invited to present to and play with a bunch of curious and energetic preschool students at TRICA (Treasure Valley Institute for Children's Arts. We offered a brief introduction to the instruments and then guided the kids in playing along with a simple song. Thanks to all for a very enthusiastic welcome!

Marimba Boise has been a part of the performing arts curriculum for ANSER Charter School and Foothills School of the Arts and Sciences, teaching groups of kids who come to the studio for a fixed number of weeks. The culminating concerts are an amazing testament to what kids can pull off in just a few weeks.

Marimba Boise kids’ classes have had the honor of collaborating with choirs at Roosevelt, White Pine, and Highlands elementary schools. The players rise to the responsibility of providing reliable backup to another performing group, while choir members have the unusual opportunity of singing to live accompaniment created by kids their own age.

In fall 2015, Heather was invited to the College of Western Idaho as a Visiting Artist. Working with students, community members, and the college choir, we created and performed two African marimba-plus-choir collaborations over the course of a weekend.

Boise Intergenerational ("BIG") Choir

From 2008-2011, Director Heather Steele arranged songs and taught marimba accompaniment to members of this all-ages group for their seasonal performances. This was a special opportunity for young and ‘less young’ choir members - regardless of previous experience - to be a part of the band that backs up the choir.

Music Camp

From 2010-2019, Heather taught at the Women's Voices, Women's Vision weekend music camp, a unique local (Idaho City area) gathering for women musicians of all backgrounds and abilities.


"I wanted to mention how much fun I am having at marimbas. It's such a great thing to get to do with [my son] and a lot of other cool people... It really is a treat to be involved.”
—Jenny K., BIGChoir member


“The marimba group was fantastic. ... and PERFECT for the reading assembly... perfect. :) Many people were very excited about it and actually thanked me for getting you there.”
—Lisa A., White Pine Elementary School Choir Director


“The marimbas added sooo much to camp. Think next year!!”
—MJ O., Organizer, Women’s Voices Women's Vision music camp